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Chaise sofa: shop for a chaise sofa at macys – macys

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Encourage relaxation and comfort without compromising the room’s d cor by furnishing with a luxurious chaise sofa. Combining the comfort of a sofa with the relaxing qualities of a bed, a chaise allows people to kick back after a long day and get comfortable right in the heart of a living room or den.

custom chaise


Chaises are available as standalone chairs or as part of a sectional set. Individual chaises resemble oversized chairs that provide an ideal space to elevate the feet after a long day. When included as a part of a sectional, a chaise sofa will be placed at the end of a larger sofa or loveseat.

chaise couch


Embrace comfort with a luxurious chaise chair from Matthew. Intended as a standalone chaise chair, this chair is ideal for relaxing in comfort without compromising the surrounding d cor. Available in two neutral shades, this oversized chaise chair provides a roomy place for the body to unwind while still blending in with the sleek, straight lines of the surrounding modern d cor.

chaise longue


Brighten up the room with a chaise sofa sectional from Bacall. Crafting sectionals in a variety of vibrant fabric shades, furnishing a room with a sectional from Bacall will not only add that bold splash of color but provide a comfortable place to rest after a long day. Half of the sectional gives visitors and guests a place to sit while the other half is devoted to the luxurious and relaxing chaise. For a sectional that can easily convert from chaise to sofa choose a floating chaise chair sectional which comes with a movable ottoman.

chaise pad


Decorate a living room or den in a d cor that encourages comfort and relaxation by furnishing it with a chaise sofa. Find the perfect home furnishing item that encourages relaxation and comfort by shopping an extensive collection of home furniture at Macy’s.

wide chaise


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