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Dramatic play baby nursery – pre-k pages

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Baby Nursery theme for your dramatic play center in preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten.

Dramatic Play Baby Nursery

Do you struggle to find time to change out the props in your dramatic play center? These printable props will help you easily transform your dramatic play center into a baby nursery.

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This packet also provides research that explains how dramatic play supports academic learning in preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten. The baby nursery play kit is infused with literacy, oral language, and writing opportunities that support current learning standards.

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Contents The 43 page Dramatic Play Baby Nursery Kit includes the following printables:

  • Baby Care Signs
  • Sign-In & Out Sheet
  • Baby Food Labels
  • Picture Cards
  • Picture Charts
  • Daily Reports
  • Reminder Slips
  • Bunting Banner
  • Schedule Pictures
  • Baby Item Labels
  • Printable Word Cards
  • The printable word cards can be placed in a pocket chart in your baby nursery, 12 word cards are included in the kit.

    Baby Dolls I found all my baby dolls at Goodwill, they were in excellent condition and have withstood many years of heavy use by preschoolers. The high chair and crib are Step 2 brand, I found them on Craig’s List for twenty dollars total, 15 for the crib and 5 for the high chair- score! If you’re not familiar with Step 2, I’m not sure they still make them but they are super durable and can hold up to very heavy use by many preschoolers for years and years.

    Printable Nursery Banner

    At the top of this page you can see the super cute banner for the baby nursery. Just print the banner on cardstock, cut out, and hang the pieces from a string in your center using clothespins or tape.

    Printable Daily Reports with Pictures

    How was baby’s day? Was he fussy? Did he nap? Let parents know all about baby’s day with these printable daily reports. Each report has picture cues for non-readers and is available in 4 different types so you can choose the one that best meets your needs. Kids can use tally marks or numbers to record information about baby’s day. The reports have the words directly below the picture to help children understand that print has meaning.

    Baby Theme Center Signs

    There are signs you can use to label different areas of your baby play center, such as Feeding Time, Shhh! Baby Sleeping, and Changing Station. For safety, you’ll want parents to sign their babies in and out of the nursery using this printable sign-in sheet. These signs add literacy elements to pretend play and help children understand print has meaning and motivate them to write for a purpose.

    Printable Labels

    These printable labels will help your kids clean-up the dramatic play nursery quickly.

    Reading Books to Babies

    A basket of baby board books is a great way to encourage reading to babies from infancy! Here are some of my favorite titles to put in this book basket:

  • I’m a Big Brother!
  • I’m a Big Sister
  • Goodnight, Moon
  • The New Baby
  • Printable Baby Food Labels
  • You can use colored pom-poms in plastic jars to create pretend baby food. Your kids will love feeding their babies!

    These printable baby food labels are included in the Caring for Babies Dramatic Play Kit below.

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