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If you use a sleeping bag, The Lullaby Trust recommends using one without a hood that is the right size around the neck so your baby won’t slip down inside the bag. It also advises that you should never use a sleeping bag with a quilt or duvet, as it will make your baby far too hot(The Lullaby Trust nd).

baby s bed


Tip: Choose a sleeping bag that’s suitable for the season – for example, a low tog one for summer (0.5 tog or 1 tog) and no more than a 2.5 tog for winter. If you buy anything higher than this, it could make your baby too hot. If your baby is sweating, or her tummy feels hot to the touch, remove some of the bedding. Don’t worry if her hands or feet feel cool, this is normal (The Lullaby Trust 2013).

bed baby


Pros No covers to throw off means your baby stays the same temperature all night.

If you’re away from home and your baby will be sleeping in an unfamiliar place, the sleeping bag will be something familiar to him.

baby bed and changing table


Cons Older babies and toddlers may find sleeping bags too constricting and try to undo the zip fastener.

baby bed with changing table


Babies can’t move around in bed as easily as if they were using blankets and sheets.

Duvets and pillowsDuvets, quilts and pillows are not recommended for your baby until he is a year old (NHS 2013). This is because they may make him too hot and they also pose a risk of suffocation (The Lullaby Trust nd, NHS 2013). Once your baby is over a year old, you may wish to use a duvet. Quilts and duvets are available with a variety of fillings, including a hypoallergenic version. If you buy a quilt, look for a cover made of 100 per cent cotton and buy a spare one so that you can have another to hand when the dirty one is in the wash.

Pros Giving your baby a quilt once he is one year old may help him get used to it when you eventually move him to a grown-up bed.

Bed-making is easier and quicker with a duvet or quilt than with blankets and sheets.

Cons You can’t use them until your baby is a year old.

Not really a necessary purchase while your baby is still in a cot. You can stick with blankets and sheets, or a sleeping bag, until your baby moves to a “big bed”.

Confused about exactly where your baby should sleep? See our expert sleep safety video.

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