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Concrete wall inground pools

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Before ground is broken, a Pool and Spa Depot designer works with you to determine if the pool you want is the best option for your terrain. This is done with an in-person store visit, or it’s done on-site at your location. We offer a free design at the store or we can do a 3D design for a small fee.

patio concrete


Once the pool is designed, we will detail the whole project out and price out your favorite options to take off or add. An install agreement will be signed, and a deposit will be secured. Now, you’re officially on the construction schedule. Once the plans are good to go, the area is marked out to ensure that no underground pipes are hit during construction. Dimensions and grading are once double-checked, then the excavation is dug out.

concrete deck


The installation process is similar to a steel wall pool, except the backbone of the pool is concrete and is not made of steel. Instead, we use pre-molded aluminum forms to meet the design of your pool. Next, half-inch rebar is laid, and then 4,000 PSI concrete is poured monolithic into the forms. We use our signature Pool Bottom mixture to finish all pool floors. Then the concrete is smoothed, and the vinyl liner is installed. A licensed electrician makes all electrical connections, and they take care of your code inspections. The entire area will be backfilled, and decking and coping finish it off. After everything is complete, we clean and grade the yard to ensure that any construction debris is removed, and your yard is ready for summer.

concrete sanding


You will then learn how to take care of your pool at our Pool School. Now it’s time to enjoy your new pool!

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