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Concrete is the most versatile countertop material available! Trueform’s custom concrete kitchen countertops are hand crafted by our concrete artisans who produce a beautiful and superiorly designed surface. Whether it’s for a residential kitchen counter, retail countertop, restaurant bar top, or reception desk; our design process allows full customization to your project. With endless options of color, shape, and thickness ” we offer a tremendous selection.

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Ready to begin designing the perfect custom concrete countertop for your project? Contact a Trueform Representative or use the navigation above to help you get started. We look forward to working with you.

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  • Why Concrete Countertops –
  • Trueform Concrete Countertop Process
  • Helpful Concrete Countertop Facts
  • Your custom concrete countertops will be made completely by hand from start to finish by talented craftsmen in our New Jersey facility.

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    Custom concrete countertops projects local to New Jersey are templated and installed by Trueform Concrete. Out-of-state and international projects are built to spec and shipped to your location.

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    The standard thickness for our custom concrete countertops is 1″, however, your concrete counter can be made at any thickness.

    There are 10 standard concrete countertop colors to choose from. Custom colors can also be made. See Trueform’s Concrete Countertop Color Options

    Trueform Concrete’s custom counters are made from Ultra High Performance Light Weight Concrete and are second to none.

    Our concrete weighs approximately 10 pounds per square foot.

    All Trueform concrete countertops are treated with a topcoat sealer. With basic care and use, they will perform very well over time. See Trueform Care & Use Sheet

    Your concrete countertops will display variation and random markings that are absolutely acceptable for concrete products.

    View our page on concrete surface and edge variations to learn why it occurs in your concrete product.

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