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Clay roof tiles: rinus roofing supplies

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Dreadnought Tiles

  • For over 200 years Dreadnought have manufactured
  • the finest range of natural plain clay roof tiles. All Dreadnought tile

    colours, ranging from Staffordshire Blue to Plum Red are natural clay colours,

    the product of delicate control of the kiln, with no pigments or added dyes. It

    is this organic property that gives the distinctive character and quality to a

    Dreadnought roof. Dreadnought can match any traditional colour or ornamental

    design for re-roofing projects and they provide a range of roof components and

  • fittings. http://www.dreadnought-tiles.co.uk/
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  • Marley Eternit
  • Marley Eternit clay tiles range contains plain and
  • interlocking clay tiles with a wide variety of colour and texture options,

  • suitable for all types of roofing applications.
  • Website: www.marleyeternit.co.uk
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  • Crest Roofing Tiles
  • The Crest roofing tange has proven to be an inspired choice when used with both modern and traditional styles of architecture as well as renovation and heritage works. Whatever your needs, from traditional rustic pantiles to beautiful large format clay and crafted glazed tiles they have a wide choice of roofing materials all proven to compliment any type of project.

    clay roof


    Crest continue to push the boundaries in terms of supplying innovative high quality engineered clay roofing tiles that have excellent technical properties all of which are guaranteed for a minimum of 30 years. Most of their tiles have been carefully designed to reduce both labour and material costs as well as completion times without sacrificing the quality and overall aesthetics ad appearance of the roof which is obviously important to planning and enviromental needs.

    roof clay tiles


  • www.crest-bst.co.uk/roofing/
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  • Sandtoft Sandtoft has lead many of the UK pitched roofing industry’s most significant design developments in recent years and now represents Wienerberger’s roofing operation in the UK. The range of roof tiles, slates and accessories available is the largest and most diverse in the UK.

    In 2007, Sandtoft issued a ‘Green Resolution’, outlining its environmental philosophy and the proactive steps it is taking to reduce its impact on the environment.

  • Website: www.sandtoft.com
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  • Heritage Clay Tiles Ltd.
  • The UK’s leading supplier of high quality handmade clay roof tiles. A wide colour choice, including innovative shades and bespoke styles is available, allowing the architect, specifier or homeowner complete versatility to create a stunning design that will enhance any project.

    The tiles are manufactured using traditional skills coupled with modern kiln technology, the Heritage Tile range is second to none, offering old world character and charm, yet able to meet modern, contemporary requirements.

  • www.heritagetiles.co.uk
  • Dual manufacturer: www.imerys-rooftiles.co.uk
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  • Imerys Roof Tiles
  • A large range of Plain tiles and large format interlocking tiles to suit all requirements.

    In the Plain tiles we offer an excessive choice of colours offering a mellow textured surface to give an appearance of a handmade tile at affordable prices, along with a unique anti-capillary channel to ensure enhanced performance.

    Within the large format interlocking range we can offer a natural economical clay product to compete with artificial slate and concrete plain tiles. The tiles offer impressive options to cater for all roofing aesthetics, profiles and pitches.

  • Website: www.imerys-rooftiles.co.uk
  • Dual manufacturer: www.heritagetiles.co.uk
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  • Redland Clay Tiles
  • Interlocking Clay
  • Designed to improve on the performance of fixed headlap clay pantiles, Old Hollow and Cathedral Clay Pantiles not only perform exceptionally well but offer the benefits of having traditional clay aesthetics as well, weathering into any environment with time.

    Plain Clay The Rosemary Clay range has been adding distinction and character to pitched roofs for over 170 years. The wide range of colours blend into any roof or location. Made with a gentle camber from head to tail to create a softer appearance, a full range of matching fittings and complementary components are also available.

  • Website: www.redland.co.uk
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