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Considered the elite of the American hardwoods, Walnut is a dark wood that is a favorite among craftsmen for fine furniture, interior trim, and gun stocks (in part because the tight grains absorb shock very well). Walnut grows in widely scattered forests throughout the eastern half of the United States, primarily in the Midwest.

walnut plywood


Historically, standard grading rules for Walnut have been refined to encourage better use of this valuable species. Because of this, Walnut grades allow for smaller boards, both in width and length.

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As you may know, plywood is regarded as the original engineered lumber, and when Walnut is manufactured as such, it becomes even more valued for so many of its qualities.В  Walnut Plywood is used in the construction of extremely high-end furniture as well as flooring and architectural woodwork.В  In addition, it is used in the manufacturing of musical instruments and ornate and decorative paneling.

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Walnut Plywood possesses a creamy white sapwood that is richly chocolate brown in color.В  It very often consists of straight grains and showcases many different markings and distinct figure variations.В  Not only is the color rich, the grain within that color is stunning.В  Like most materials in the natural world, not all walnut hardwood has a straight grain.В  There are exceptions to this rule.В  Walnut and Walnut Plywood often display beautiful swirl, flame and branch patterns called burls.В  In most situations, this pattern indicates that the tree overcame some extreme stress to produce this kind of marking.В  As a result, Walnut Plywood with this type of grain structure not only has intrinsic beauty, but it also indicates the originating tree had some character in surviving the environmental stress placed on it.

For its rich beauty, its straight grains, its distinct burls, and its hardness, Walnut is regarded as the gold standard when it comes to American hardwoods.В  Walnut Plywood also demonstrates many of these incredible qualities, and for these reasons, Sterritt Lumber is particularly proud to handle this fine material!

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