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We are leading suppliers of marine plywood based in Melbourne.

Marine plywood is an excellent and respected material of extensive aquatic usage, and is also a most controlled timber product for boats up to 20 metres, both racing and pleasure. In addition, it has received wide acceptance in commercial and naval vessels and is also extensively used in commercial fit-out and joinery works. Marine plywood is manufactured with highest face quality on two sides. Veneers are selected because of freedom from defects and peeler checks, as well as high mechanical strength and suitability for permanent bonding. Quality controlled glue line is another important aspect of plywood in a boat. The glue bond must be permanent, and must maintain its strength and durability under the most exposed conditions over the full life of the boat. Phenol formaldehyde resin bonds, achieved under controlled heat and pressure in the hot press, have proved over 50 years of laboratory testing and under extreme exposed conditions to perform without deterioration.

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Made with untreated tropical hardwood veneers (typically from Malaysia)and having a suitable prescribed level of resistance to fungal attack, this imported Marine plywood has a Type-A-bond, WBP quality glue line between the plies to BS 1088 Standard (British Standard for Marine Plywood). Solid surface face veneers are free from open imperfections and defects, with occasional minor discoloration being permissible.

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