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Cdx – acx plywood sheathing

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ACX & CDX plywoodsВ are likely the most popular type of plywood used for rough construction.

You’ll find it in roof sheathing (just under the shingles and roofing felt, on walls (justВ behind the siding and insulation, and sub floors (just under the carpet pad or engineered wood floors.

sheathing plywood


The three lettersВ  for example CDX do in fact mean something in regard to the type of plywood we’re talking about. The letters “C” and “D” represent the quality of the surfaces – front and back. If we consider that the letter “A” is the best level of plywood veneer you can buy – and that means plywood without any noticeable knots, holes, or repaired defects.

5 ply


The letter “X” in CDX indicates for what purpose this plywood should be used. Some mistakenly think the “X” stands for “exterior” – which is not true, exactly. The letter stands for “exposure” – which means the plywood is tough enough to withstand a some moisture.

plywood sheathing


For example, let’s say you’re in the middle of building a garage – and you’ve justВ finished putting up CDX plywood as the sheathing for the walls, which will eventually be covered with siding. But now you’ve discovered that your siding won’t be delivered till the end of the week. You can leave your CDX plywood exposed for a couple daysВ В В В  according to grading standards for CDX plywood. In fact this is one reason why CDX plywood is used so extensively on the job site. The glues and adhesives are made to be water resistant.

Our ACX & CDX plywoodsВ represent a powerful structural panel used where strength and stiffness are required for subfloors, wall or roof sheathing and DIY projects.

This plywood is made ofВ layers of thin sheets of Douglas Fir in alternating wood grain directions, which increasesВ В  the strength and stiffness of our final panels while providing superior dimensional stability resistance to warping. Every piece meets the highest grading standards for strength andВ appearance.

ACX & CDX are versatile.В They areВ great for utility jobsite needs such as temporary steps, ramps, or bridges

Ideal for remodeling or new construction in residential or light commercial construction

Excellent nail, screw, and staple holding ability allows placement near panel edges without splits

ACX & CDX plywoods areВ light to carry and tend to be easier on cutting tools than OSB (oriented strand board)

ACX & CDXВ plywoods areВ resistant to splitting, puncturing and impact damage these panels are durable

ACX & CDX iplywoodВ are made with exterior WPB glues designed for exposure to the elements.

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