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Tips for taking your indoor-outdoor carpet outside

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Outdoor spaces with all the conveniences of indoor rooms appear to be a growing trend without end in sight.

small outdoor rug


Gone are the days when an umbrella went up over a picnic table covered with a flowery cloth.

Now, patios and decks have chaises as comfortable as the family room couch, cushy chairs with accent tables and outdoor chandeliers swinging from the shade tree.

straw outdoor rug


“Everyone wants to bring the inside out, be comfortable and have fun,” says Lisa Galligan, manager of NW Rugs’ Jantzen Beach store.

outdoor rug 5x7


With that in mind, manufacturers such Kaleen, with its Home & Porch collection, have created indoor/outdoor rugs in colors and textures for any room, patio or deck.

outdoor throw rugs


The rugs are UV-treated against fading and feature water-resistant protection, which, as with a watch, means just what it says: resistant, not foolproof.

  • Galligan advises simply taking care.
  • Basic tips If the rug is out in the elements, i.e., not under an overhang, and it rains overnight, you need to shake that water out and perhaps let the rug hang over a railing. A slatted deck will allow much better drainage than a concrete patio, but the rug is not going to like sitting in water, she says. “You must take care. Don’t abuse it,” she says.

    If the weather calls for prolonged rain, it’s best to bring the rug in, since we rarely get a downpour followed by 90-degree heat, she says.

    Rug care The polypropylene designs are softly textured underfoot. They are easy to care for with regular vacuuming and can be spot-cleaned with mild detergent and water.

    Take care to note the backing material and ask whether this too is water-resistant. Some rugs can be hosed off: Place the rug on an incline so the water can run out easily, then hang to dry.

    Other materials: In addition to polypropylene, outdoor rugs can be made from nylon, polyester, bamboo — to name some of the more popular materials. Again, check labels for UV protection and water resistance.

    As for the ever-popular jute or sisal rugs, moisture is the enemy. Even humidity will break down the fibers.

    Choosing the right rug for you

    The important thing to ask yourself about buying an outdoor rug is how it will be used, whether it will be under cover and how willing you are to scoot furniture off and roll it up when summer rains drench the yard.

    “Just be careful,” Galligan says. “Treat with love, but use it.”

  • – Homes & Gardens of the Northwest staff
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