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Painting concrete floor throughout entire house

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1. Acid etching the floor. Is this essential? The research I’ve read says it is but every person I’ve spoken to says it is not necessary. If it’s external, weathered concrete that is really clean…you can get away with it. If not, etch. (etching gets rid of all the loose stuff that might come off after you paint – if it feels like 100 grit sandpaper and it’s really, really clean you can probably live without etching)

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2. Do I need to prime the floor, if so what is recommended? Whatever the manufacturer recommends. (it’s their paint system, so hopefully they know what does and does not work!)

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3. I have to level out some areas and have bought LANKO self levelling concrete. Do I need to treat this area differently than the rest of the floor? It’s going to look quite different to the rest of the slab unless you have an opaque paint finish over it.

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4. What sort of paint do I need to use? Can I use normal household paint No.if I am going to seal the floor? No real difference in price between normal paint and stuff that is designed for concrete, so using a paint which may run into problems later is silly. If you are going to be putting a sealer over the top, then of course you have to make sure that whatever you use is compatible with your intended sealer. Work this out now, rather than after you have painted otherwise you could find yourself stripping the floor back to bare concrete again.

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5. What would you recommend to seal the floor and give me the look I am going for? If you are really keen on a funky, durable floor finish, look at some of the industrial epoxy finishes available. However, these are usually sold to architects and interior designers and they have a price to match. See http://www.globalconcretesolutions.com.au/products.html

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