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Doormats: find doormats, front door mats, and outdoor rugs online

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Outdoor rugs made of seagrass matting or coir are convenient to keep clean and quite easy on the eye. Their earthy feel helps them blend well with any home’s green exterior. You could even opt for doormats that extend for a longer strip across your front porch – making the seagrass matting a part of your outdoor rugs or flooring.

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Seagrass matting is also a great way to keep your footwear free of any weather elements that might otherwise dirty up indoor flooring. Other natural and easy-to-clean material options for your welcome mat include hemp, sisal and jute.

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Rubber matting to keep your rugs slip-resistant and your home dust-free

Worried about slushy and dusty shoes, or slippery doormats? Rubber matting brings you the perfect solution: place it under your outdoor rugs, or simply buy a square for use as a doormat.

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Versatile in its use, rubber matting also fits well in places where you’re likely to stand for long stretches of time. A good spot would be the standing desk, so your feet are cushioned as you clock those working hours. Bathrooms, kitchens and backyards could also use slip-resistant rubber floor mats.

Floor mats for the indoors and outdoors

Doormat designs for outdoor mats differ from those meant strictly for the indoors; they’re more weather-resistant and help keep heavy-duty dirt at bay. In contrast, indoor doormat designs are thinner and more uniform. Outdoor rugs help protect interior flooring, so if you opt for more decorative front door mats, you’ll need to replace them quite regularly.

Choose personalised doormats if you’re quite particular about seamlessly blending your home’s flooring – while creating something truly unique (perhaps even monogrammed?). Quirky quotes and catchphrases are another reason for personalised doormats; if you have any favourites, these might become part of your home’s personality.

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