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Artificial grass for gyms

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Some Of These Are:

Prowler training is one of the most common exercises of our artificial grass zones. Prowlers can slide naturally on our grass carpet without causing damage to the floor or becoming momentarily stuck on rubber flooring. It also provides the smooth surface needed by an athlete to work at speed. This surface is similarly ideal for pulling sleds.

indoor outdoor grass carpet


Flipping Tyres is another “back to basics” exercises that is great for building strength and power. The nature of the exercise means designated zones have to be marked out for training with tyres. Previously, this form of training used to be an outdoor activity but our artificial grass zones allows for indoor training in a perfect setting.

indoor outdoor grass


Equipment free exercises such as the bear crawl, farmers walk and plyometric training finally finds a perfect indoor setting with our artificial grass zones.

grass carpet indoor


Benefits Customer Loyalty – Constantly updating the equipment and the dynamic of your gym is essential for keeping your clients renewing their memberships each month or each year. The new dynamic that an artificial grass functional zone brings is a great way of increasing membership value.

indoor grass carpet


New Customer Acquistion – Installing an artificail grass zone could be what intices athletes who focus more on functional training to join your gym.

indoor grass rug


Variety of Excercises Available – Our functional zones can be used in many ways from sprint training and plyometrics to fast paced circuit training and pushing prowlers.

Relatively Low Capital Cost – Installing an artificial grass functional zone is a relatively small investment compared to other equipment, it is practically maintenance free and has a long life span.

If you are interested in having an artificial grass functional zone installed in your gym, contact us today to get an obligation free consultation.

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  • Other Indoor Uses
  • Our artificial grass is extremely versatile and can be used in a huge number of different settings. As well as in lawns, gyms, creches etc our artificial grass has been used in shops and even pubs. A short pile grass carpet is easy to clean and can brighten up any area. Below is our synthetic grass used in GW Hockey in Dundrum, Dublin. This area was installed so potential buyers have a space to test out their hockey sticks before purchasing. We also installed a short pile grass carpet in the Connacht Rugby Clubhouse to give it a sportspitch theme to the bar.

    Our artificial grass can also be installed in office blocks to brighten up balconies and patios to bring a home feel to the workplace. If you have an area you would like to cover contact us today for a free quote.

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