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Skydiving at coolum, sunshine coast. beach dives, tandem jumps, displays, lessons and courses.

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Well look no further, because you have found Australia's leading skydiving company – family owned & operated since 1972 – with two generations of knowledge & experience to share. Jump with the company that is passionate & committed to safety, FUN & giving you the absolute greatest skydiving experience in the world!

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Ramblers are not your average skydiving operations. If you would like to do something a little different, how about a Shark Dive / Sky Dive package, or the world's only Skydive Safari Day Trip.

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  • Choose from one our fabulous locations:
  • Coolum Beach on the Sunshine for Beach Tandem Jumps
  • Bli Bli on the Sunshine Coast for Skydiving Courses
  • Rainbow Beach on the Fraser Coast for Beach Tandem Jumps

    Toogoolawah Drop Zone for everything skydiving

    Or we can come to your location and help you make a grand entrance!

  • We have a beautiful new BIG aeroplane at Coolum Beach. It's very comfortable, very fast and takes 10 people up per load. Grab 4 mates and you can all jump together on a party load!

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    Want to join a Skydiving Club on the Sunshine Coast? Jump over Bli Bli with spectacular coastal views. No experience necessary. Courses customised to your personality, your needs & wants, and your budget & timeframe. To celebrate, we're giving: FREE VIDEO or PHOTOS of EVERY JUMP when you choose a Course Package. Offer is valid until the end of 2015.

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  • Next Courses Starting:
  • * Thursday 17th September * Saturday 10th October
  • * Saturday 24th October
  • Plus other days available upon request
  • Slots Available on each of these Courses
  • “Why would you want to jump out of our perfectly good aeroplane?”

    A variety of answers can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions!

  • Do it Go crazy
  • Listen to your heart
  • Tap into your inner urges
  • Let your flying dreams come true!
  • We must warn you at this point that jumping out of planes, freefalling at 220kms/hr without a motor, then flying around under a few meters of pretty silk is super fun, can be rather addictive, and may change your life forever…

    If you want some fun and frivolity in your life, experience a good rush, live a little on the edge or go totally wild…, then come to Ramblers where Skydiving is reality and people like you are not considered crazy!

    Are you ready? Gear up, let's go!

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