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Outdoor tiles perth

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Outdoor floor and wall tiles are less restricted than other tiles within your home. The inspiration behind gorgeous outdoor areas stems from what you are using your area for; whether it is an alfresco kitchen or patio, we have a wide variety of outdoor tiles for you.

tiles for backsplashes ideas


Texture You can go to the extreme with the texture of an outdoor tile. From raw, almost unfinished surfaces to smoother matt finishes, the choice is yours. Check out our natural stone replica options for a unique outdoor area that will be easy to maintain. Textured tiles are timeless and provide a great sense of character to any outdoor space.

kitchen tile backsplash ideas


Size No matter the size of your outdoor area, it is best practise to use bigger tiles if possible. Bigger tiles are impressive in appearance and create less cleaning and maintenance due to minimal grout joints. In saying this, smaller and interesting shapes can also be used to create a more rustic and traditional feel.

kitchen backsplash tile ideas


Colour Depending on the atmosphere you envision for your outdoor area, it is best to keep with neutral colours. Whether you are entertaining guests, relaxing, or playing games with the kids, you want to feel like you are outside. Earthy tones create this feeling, while being aesthetically appealing and true to many different personality styles.

Pattern Patterned outdoor tiles are not overly common but can produce an amazing feature if done correctly. If you want to create a unique space, opt for random cut-tile patterns. Try a simple mosaic with different cut shapes, rather than a formal linear pattern. Remember an outdoor area needs to feel like an extension of your home, however, still outside.

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