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Granite slabs

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If you need multiple slabs for your project, you will want to choose them from the same bundle. Granite slabs are quarried, tracked, and shipped as sequentially labeled stones in bundles of 6 or 7 slabs. Each slab in a bundle has comparable color and pattern to its neighbor.

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Slabs that come from different bundles don’t always look alike nor do they have similar colors. They can have slight shade differences that become obvious at seams in finished counters. Granite selection centers are quite aware of this fact, so don’t be mislead.

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Where to Shop

Stone suppliers offer you the ability to look at slabs, give you details about the stone, and make selections. You typically cannot buy granite slabs wholesale. Wholesale pricing is reserved for the fabricators who make the tops.

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These stone centers display all the stone slabs vertically so you can see exactly what you’re getting. Countertop fabricators also may display and sell their own stone. The selection may not be as great, but the cost may be less.

Be sure to call a fabricator first to see if they have stone or if they can get stone from the supplier. Start with the Yellow Pages and look under the headings – Countertops, Kitchen Countertops, Marble and Granite, and Granite Suppliers. Also check internet listings based in your city. For example, google granite countertops and the name of your city. Angie’s List can also help with listings of approved fabricators in your area.

Shopping for your granite and choosing slabs can be very rewarding and sometimes a fun experience. Knowing what to look for and how to evaluate the different stones will enable you to pick the best granite for your stone counters. Also, make sure you ask for a granite warranty for your granite countertops.

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