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Dark hardwood floors for living room decor

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Your living room provides you with a very good opportunity to showcase your creativity when it comes to decorating it not only for the benefit of your family but also for the benefit of anyone who comes into your home. Because it is generally a high traffic room, one of the best flooring materials you can use is dark hardwood. Below are just some of dark hardwood floors for living room design ideas.

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How your living walls look affects appearance of the floor. You can paint the walls using a paint color that either compliments that dark hardwood or contrasts it. Use light paint colors in case you want create contrast in the room. Note also that using light color paints also makes your living room look bigger.

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You can never complete decorating dark hardwood floors for living room without addressing living room windows. This is where use of the right curtains, drapes and shades becomes very important. You can decorate your living rooms windows with curtains in colors and patterns that either contrast with wall paint color and the dark hardwood floor or in complimentary colors and patterns. It is always a good idea to make use of window curtains in contrasting colors and patterns so as to draw attention from the dark floor.

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When floor is in dark color, the cleaning is easy. In a home full of kids, things usually fall over such as ketchup, drinks and teas. It’s not easy to get rid of these marks without using the bleach, which can damage the floor. But if it’s dark in color, the marks are not noticeable.

The other great way to decorate living room with dark hardwood is to choose the right living room furniture. It is very important that you invest in the right type of furniture in the right color since furniture comes into direct contact with the dark floor. Because the floor is actually of dark hardwood, consider investing in wooden furniture to create natural tone in your living room. It will be a good idea to buy furniture made of Mahogany or dark cherry. You also choose to invest in light-colored wooden furniture since dark color has the negative effect of absorbing light.

These look like long tiles of marble but they are printed wooden flooring sections with some nice designs on them. They are not usually entirely dark, they are combination of light and dark at the same time.

The other great idea for decorating dark hardwood floors for living room is to make use of the right kind of living room accessories. Consider using natural wood mantel right above the fireplace. You may also make use of decorative items made of wrought iron on your living room walls.

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