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Should i have polished concrete floors? – mad about the house

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  • Reply Jenny Goudie
  • 1st August 2015 at 2:48 pm
  • Hi Matt, from a damsel in distress. I have taken on a big alteration to my house. The kitchen has been extended increasing the size by at least a third. There has also been a large covered patio built on outside the back door.

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    I really wanted to have a polished cement floor. the man who quoted to do the patio floor happily include the kitchen in at the same price. He said he just needed the floor to be really smooth but no advice how to achieve that. and that it needed to cure for 25 days.

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    The builder poured an ordinary concrete screed on both the kitchen and patio floor, it was leveled but as it dried the floor was very dusty. every time it was swept there was fine dust!!! The day dawned to do the top screed, a soft mix of cement water and a little sand was made. this was poured on the floor to a depth of about 3mm and smoothed with a steel trowel. no one walked on this floor for 2 days 3 days later I went on holiday thinking this was giving the floor plenty of time to cure.

    Two weeks later I was home wanting to contact the guy to make a date to polish this floor. Then I noticed a lot of cracks like a crazy patchwork on the floor both in the kitchen and outside on the patio floor. Now what? My son who lives in Cape town a thousand miles away says that there should have been a plasticiser or some other product added to the top screed and also that the floor should have had an acid wash before the screed was poured.

    Now the builder thinks he has to remove the screed on Tuesday, with new cupboards in place! But I don’t think he has a clue as how to rectify the original mistake.

    HELP, what am I to do? I am 70 years old and although I have managed this whole process I am lost now. I have had experience with building other houses but never with Concrete floors, they have always been covered with carpets or tiles. I hope I don’t have to give up on this idea and put conventional flooring down.

  • Hope to hear from you soon,
  • Jenny Goudie

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