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The flat surface of a polished concrete floor greatly decreases the vibrations that otherwise occurВ with forklifts. This reduces the need for maintenance on wearing parts such as tyres and transmission. The absence of an electrical isolating covering reduces the stress on electronic components caused by ESD-disturbances.

concrete polished floors


The benefits in the working environment are even greater for the employees: the problems with heavy staining from tyre marks on epoxy floors don’t happen withВ Super Concrete, as it doesn’t bind rubber marks at all (so theВ floor can be kept clean with a minimum of effortВ and minimum cleaning products).

concrete floor polishing


The reflectivity properties of Super Concrete are important for boutiques, nightclubs, offices, restaurants, retail stores, showrooms, and other public facilities that wishВ to project a bright, clean and professional image.В You can replicate the look of natural stones with a mirror-like finish (such as polished granite and marble) by using chemical stain and theВ artificial jointsВ technique.

diy polished concrete floor


Easy maintenance, even with heavy use

The easyВ maintenance of Super Concrete is key in high-traffic areas where trolleys are used – such as airports, hotels, supermarkets and warehouses – eliminating the need for waxes.В The non-allergic properties are important for hospitals, private residences, schools, etc.

polish floor


The glossy surface resists the marks of forklift truck tyres and staining from chemicals and oil on industrial floors.В ThisВ versatility and toughnessВ makes the Super Concrete System an ideal and ultimate flooring material for most floor applications.

polished concrete floor tiles


Maintaining the shine requires only minimal effort. Just clean the floor regularly with aВ damp mop to remove grit, and use a suitable cleaner to enhance the shine. With basic cleaning, the floor will keep its lustre for years. In high-traffic areas, sometimes buffing the floor with a floor pad will be required. Should more intervention be required, the floor can be lightly re-polished after a couple of years.

polished floors


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