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Pouring a concrete slab: how to pour a concrete slab from start to finish

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Pouring a concrete slab is easy if you’ve done it hundreds of times

like we have. But if you’ve never done it before, pouring a slab can be a

little intimidating.

Pouring concrete slabs isn’t something most people do everyday.

If you’ve ever watched someone who pours slabs for a living, they can

make it look really easy. That’s because they pour the slab in steps.

I’ll show you how to pour a concrete slab like we do so you can have the confidence to do it yourself.

poured concrete floor


If you need to know how to prepare a concrete slab to pour, click on FORMING A CONCRETE SLAB to learn how to set up the forms and get it ready for the pour.

poured concrete floors


The tools you’ll need for pouring a concrete slab are: rubber

boots, gloves, magnesium screed, bullfloat, metal rakes, mag float,

  • shovel, and maybe an extra concrete chute.
  • STEP 1. After you’ve formed up the slab and you’re all ready to go, you have to figure how much concrete you’ll need. Use this concrete slab calculator to figure how many cubic yards of concrete you’ll need to do your slab.

    concrete pouring


    Pick a good day with no rain in sight and call the closest redi-mix company

    in your area to order your concrete. Start early in the morning if you

    can, especially if the temperature is going to get really hot that day.

    We order fibermesh in the concrete for reinforcement instead of using the

    wiremesh. We also drop in 2 rows of rebar around the edges after we have

    poured out the concrete and sink it down about 2 inches from the

    surface. When the concrete truck arrives, back the truck up to

    the forms. You may need an extra concrete chute to reach the back if the

    slab is over 20 feet deep.

    poured concrete


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