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How to paint concrete floors in detailed steps

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learn how to paint a concrete floor step by steps and receive the expert tips on how to choose a concrete floor paint type which is suitable for painting your floor

paint on concrete


Painting concrete floor is a great way to make it look good. Putting fresh paint on an old concrete floor can cover more stains. If you plan to get a painted concrete floor, you must remember that concrete is naturally porous. See step by step how to paint a concrete floor.

paint on concrete floor


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painting concrete


  • How to paint concrete floors
  • How to paint concrete floors
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  • How to paint a concrete floor yourself
  • concrete floor painting tools
  • 1 – Remove the existing paint
  • If you have previously painted your concrete floor, you will need to remove the existing paint. This can be done using a scraper. It is important to remove all the old paint, so that the new paint to be allowed to settle on the floor.

    concrete floor paint ideas


    2 – Concrete Patch

    If the concrete floor has dents or cracks, then you should apply a specific concrete patch for these places. Concrete patch can be found at any hardware store or home.

    concrete patio paint


    3 – Clean Floor

    Use Tri-sodium chloride and warm water and a brush to clean any greasy stains on the floor. They may cause problems with the concrete floor paint adhesion, so that it is extremely important to remove free oil. Allow the floor to dry completely before proceeding. The time required for this, will depend on the climate, but from 24 to 36 hours on average.

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  • 4 – tape around
  • taping around the concrete floor before painting
  • Once you have removed the old concrete floor paint and cleaned it, make sure you align the area with tape. It is important to match the floor tape, make sure that it does not mark on the walls or floor.

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