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Concrete stained application in san diego ca (619) 443-2318

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If you are looking for a contractor to install stained concrete applications, Concrete Coating Specialists Inc.В is the company to call. We have all the expertise needed to get the job done right. Our team uses state of the art techniques to ensure quality results every time. Whether you have ideas of yourВ own or need a little inspiration, our team can always assist and give you satisfying results.

interior concrete floor finishes


  • Stained Interior Floor
  • Benefits of Concrete Staining
  • Concrete Staining is an affordable and easy way to make your San Diego, CA floor more durable and functional. It is commonly used to transform a boring slab into a visually appealing surface. If you want to revive an old concrete or add colors to a new surface, staining is great option too.

    interior concrete floor paint


    You can choose from our staining options that are both used to create unique, elegant and beautiful surfaces.

    interior concrete stain


  • Concrete Staining Options
  • ACID STAIN (SunAcid)
  • SunAcid, a reactive acid stain is made up of water, acid-soluble metallic salts, and hydrochloric acid. The chemical reaction creates a more natural hue and may result to wide range of unique colors even when only one color has been used . It creates a permanent bond, meaning your surface will not chip instead will have a long-lasting translucent mottled look.

    interior concrete paint


  • View Acid Stain Color Chart
  • SunH20, a user friendly concrete stain, is a mixture of specialized water- soluble poylmers and liquid pigments. Unlike acid stains, water-based systems can give your surface a totally customized look by layering or mixing it with other colors. Residential and commercial owners have been using this decorative application because of the vibrant colors available.

    concrete interior floor


  • View Water- Based Stain Color Chart
  • Installation Process
  • Call us today atВ (619)443-2318!
  • People tend to be surprised by the affordable cost of this service, so don’t rule it out before getting a quote from us. Would you like to make your San Diego, California home look more attractive? Concrete Coating Specialists Inc.can help. Ccontact us at (619) 443-2318. You can also submit a quote request form to get started.

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