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This polished concrete floor is located in the US offices of a British television production company in Manhattan.

decorative concrete coatings


This 11,000 square foot 100 year old former factory floor was ground, patched, and diamond polished to a beautiful 1500 grit shine. There is not even a guard on this floor; we use penetrating sealers!

finished concrete floors


This showroom floor was dyed charcoal during the polishing process.

We ground, polished, and stained this 16 foot high helical concrete staircase.

Rouge NYC We polished the existing concrete floor in this private garage, which was featured in the April, 2013 edition of Architectural Digest.

home concrete floors


This polished concrete sofa in the lobby of an apartment building, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn New York,

was formed and poured in place by the contractor, then ground and polished by Avant Design Inc.

This is a 3 story high concrete column that we ground, polished, and stained.

In this lobby, we poured a concrete overlay having embedded concentric metal circles, and then polished the floor.

This is a 5000 square foot nail salon on the upper west side.

This newly polished 16,000 square foot concrete floor is in a supermarket in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This is a “cream polish” ie: with minimum aggregate expoure.

This 11,000 square foot concrete office space in Manhattan required extensive repairs, prior to polishing.

The floor of this 10,000 square foot loft was polished for the future home of Ilan Rubin Studio.

The floor was polished prior to partition installation, resulting in a substantial saving for the client on edging costs.

This concrete bathtub has integral radiant heating which keeps the tub, the water in it, and the person

in the water, toasty warm! Ask us about including radiant heating in your tub or floors.

This polished glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) bar at Growlers Beer Bistro in Tuckahoe, New York

was cast and polished offsite, then brought to the site and carefully fitted into place.

Here you can see the one of the 1/4″ steel divider strips, and the deep shine evident

when concrete is diamond polished to a #3000 grit.

This floor was covered with a layer of dyed Ardex, then ground smooth.

This existing slab with integral hot water heating, was ground smooth and polished.

This floor was done with a custom colored concrete topping which was then polished.

This floor in Bloomingdale’s 59th Street was done with a custom colored concrete topping which was then polished.

The walls in this bathroom were covered with a concrete that can be colored to match any Benjamin Moore color chip, burnished, then sealed.

This floor surface, in Komegashi restaurant, is a concrete overlay, which can be installed over concrete or sound wood

and here has been treated with an acid stain to create a rich, leather look. Many other colors are available.

Below are before and after pictures of a residential brownstone basement floor we ground and polished. This basement had been subject to previous flooding episodes and the owner wanted a clean surface for a children’s play room that would survive future flooding and be simple to clean.

  • Before After
  • If you have basement flooding problems, ask about the Avant Design polished concrete floor solution!

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