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Acid stained concrete – american concrete concepts

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Not every concrete floor is eligible for Acid Stain, though age is not an issue, the shape it’s in is. A smooth concrete surface will yield more attractive results than an old worn one. If the concrete is spalled, the aggregate is exposed or has previously been acid etched, the stain may not react. This will cause the surface to have an unusual look because the aggregate does not react with the stain, only cementious materials have a reaction. On some applications where the surface is textured, as in stamped concrete or stamped overlays, Acid Stain provides even more depth of color, larger selection and realistic look to the surface.

glazed concrete floor


Preparations for Acid Staining will depend on the condition of the slab, on new concrete the only thing needed is to allow time for curing, (at least four weeks after poured) and some rinsing and scrubbing to remove laitance. For old concrete, a thorough cleaning is necessary; any dirt, grease, paint, sealer or curing agent will prevent the stain from penetrating and reacting. It is always a good idea to do a small test area first. So before applying, preparation and thorough planning the job is a good starting point.

glossy concrete floor


It is possible to have a large variety of design and custom work with stained concrete including etching of a logo or areas for a darker surface area, or scoring to change the color in simple to intricate patterns. American Concrete offers the following acid stain colors, which can be mixed for a variety of results.

acid stain concrete floors


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