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Acid stained concrete

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What To Expect From Master Concrete’s Acid Stained Concrete Service

Acid stain flooring is the ideal way to bring out the life and liveliness of any floor in your home, office or any other commercial structures by giving them a matte, marble-like appearance. This technique is the ultimate way to combine all the factors of beauty, utility and functionality and help create magnificent floors that add color to your space. Master Concrete Solutions have been providing this service to innumerous clients over the years with excellent results and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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Acid Stain Flooring can basically be described as adding stain to the concrete. Acid stain is used to turn dull and boring surfaces into a personalized art form by adding an organic coloration to the concrete. This neat technique leaves a finish that gives the look of a rich, shiny stone and that too at a bare fraction of the actual cost. The most common type of acid staining that our customers at Master Concrete are fond of is the ‘Acid Etch Staining’. Stain can be applied to both new as well as old existing surfaces thus, making it the perfect art that can be easily used in order to renew lackluster surfaces. However, it is important to remember that no two acid stains would look alike, the staining process and the after results vary largely from one concrete to another.

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  • Acid Stained Concrete Before
  • Acid Stained Concrete After (WOW!)
  • This concept of staining concrete is age-old and is still to fade out of fashion thanks to its unlimited perks and benefits. Staining is a very cost-effective method that dramatically changes a bare slab of dull concrete in to a beautiful and creative surface. Moreover, acid staining Is the most convenient method to vibrantly dye the floors leaving behind a luxurious opulence and permanent colors that will not flake or come off for a long period of time. Another advantage of Acid Stain Flooring is it provides the user with optimal radiant heating surface, it is requires almost zero maintenance and is especially helpful for those suffering from allergic reactions from carpet linings.

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    Thus, the process of getting acid stain flooring is your best option for the continuously increasing range of interior as well as exterior purposes. Contact Master Concrete Solutions today and completely change the flooring of your walkway, patio, living room and kitchen to the garage and even the pool side. Acid staining is the most economical, durable, versatile and a very elegant solution to all your floor related worries.

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    The appeal of polished concrete combined with the beauty and unique look produced by stain treatment brings life to an interior floor that’s just magnificent. Every polished and stained floor is individual.

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