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250 stained concrete colors – concrete stain colors for cement

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Choosing and renewing the right sealer is the best way to maximize the long life of an outdoor concrete structure, from a driveway to the counters of a poolside bar. Although builders generally project a life of 30 years or more for an outdoor concrete structure, weather and other environmental factors affect the condition of the concrete during its lifetime. Seasonal freezing and thawing cycles, poor water drainage and environmental chemical content all contribute to the deterioration of outdoor concrete.

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Choosing the right sealer is as important as choosing the right exterior finishes for the walls, roof and landscaping of your property. Sealers keep your concrete structures clean and easy to maintain. Like other exterior protective coatings, concrete sealers anticipate and solve problems before they begin, enhancing curb appeal and increasing value to prospective owners. Clear sealers can add visual depth and gloss while protecting structures from wear. Use colored sealers to define areas, like your pool deck or children’s play area, to integrate your home into its natural surroundings and to signal the excellent level of maintenance future purchasers can expect throughout your property

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The fluid essential to the transforming dry ingredients into durable structures is also the major agent of its long-term deterioration. Water expands and contracts during freeze/thaw weather cycles with enough force to damage concrete’s structural integrity. Both weather and ground-water create water problems. Water is the vehicle for damaging chemicals, like ice-melt, and it can render naturally-occurring soil salts more corrosive to concrete. Sealers use one of two strategies to address water damage: repellence and respiration. Originally focused on creating an impermeable waterproof surface, sealers increasingly focus on penetrating surfaces while allowing natural dissipation of accumulated water. Sealers also address ultra-violet light damage. Just as paint fades on siding, color in sealants and the surfaces they protect can be changed by light-exposure. An experienced professional can advise you as to which strategy makes the most sense for sealing concrete on your property and provide information on how often your choice of sealer will need renewal. Less expensive acrylic sealers may need reapplication every couple of years, while epoxy or polyurea sealers may last up to 10 years between applications.

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