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Metal wall art: get metal wall art at macys – macys

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If you’re decorating a new house or apartment, or just looking for that perfect finishing touch to jazz up a bare wall, consider metal wall art. Sometimes a break from traditional paintings or posters is just the thing to give your living room an edge. If your bedroom or dorm feels a bit drab, the right piece of wall art can add a pleasing domestic touch. And since it comes in all shapes and sizes, and represents everything from elements of the natural world to more abstract designs, there’s bound to be a suitable piece for any room in the house.

ceramic tile for backsplash


If your d cor requires something on the modern side, there are plenty of metal wall art sculptures involving abstract geometric patterns. Even basic rectangular shapes can be combined in ways that feel both ultra-modern and industrial, bringing a subtle edge to any room. Metal frames can make any kind of artwork, from paintings to found object collages, look contemporary and chic. Looking for something that feels a bit more natural? Leaves are a great choice, and silvery metals lend a timeless feel to woodsy sculptures. If something a bit bolder is in order, opt for an animal or insect design.

ceramic tile kitchen backsplash


Empty walls can be decorated without cluttering the space-try a large piece of metal wall art from Apropos Home. These pieces are geometric and modern, and their grille-based design allows for plenty of the wall to show through. For a wide range of artwork from rustic to sleek, turn to California Floral. Unconventional pieces abound, but there are also plenty of plaques and sculptures inspired by the natural world, perfect for a porch or sunken living room. And if you’re looking to add a unique accent to a bedroom, den, or basement bar, opt for polished aluminum from Uttermost.

ceramic backsplash


If it’s time to jazz up your home with some metal wall art, head to Macy’s. You’ll find a stunning collection of decorative pieces perfect for any room.

ceramic mosaic tile backsplash


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