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Manufactured home decorating ideas – primitive country style

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Built-ins are a great feature for any home. The neutral tan wall color is used throughout the home which makes a great canvas for whatever decor you desire. This home also has the TV on a power lift and with a push of a button can be hidden behind the gas fireplace! All of these are greatВ manufactured home decorating ideas.

bathroom backsplash


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  • Notice the chair railing?
  • Chair rails areВ a great way to break up a wall and addsВ extra dimension and texture in a room. Manufactured home decorating is much easier if you use well known tricks like this to help you achieve the look you’re going for. Rachael used another trick that interior designers often use: adding a chair rail to only one room in order to differentiate rooms that may be similar in function, size or shape.

    backsplash in bathroom


    This home is gorgeous and the wide trim as well as the paneled doors are great features. This room is perfectly decorated and tasteful.

    tile backsplash bathroom


    The living room is a perfect example ofВ manufactured home decorating using the primitive-country style. An accent wall in a darker brown carries the eye to the featured wall easily.

    bathroom backsplash tile


    This home is gorgeous; I don’t really need to say too much about it at all. You can see for yourself all the beautiful features and the talent thatВ Rachael has when it comes to decorating a manufactured home. She can come work her magic at my house any time she wants!

  • Country Style Bathroom
  • Even the spacious bathroom has the country motif!
  • The exterior of this double wide is just as great! Manufactured home decorating should extend to the outdoors whenever possible – it provides a cohesive look and adds great curb appeal.

  • Homeowner’s Interview
  • What is your favorite thing about the home?
  • Everything…but I have to say the homey feeling and it’s openness would be my top 2 favorite things

    How did you choose the right home? Did you have to choose between 2 favorites or did you know this was the one for you immediately?

    My husband and I looked for about 3 years until we found this one I knew what I wanted and I looked for 2 things when we was on the search a big kitchen to cook in and move around in with lots of cabinets and 2 living-rooms.

    I knew the moment I walked in the floor model. This house was everything I wanted and I stood in the kitchen for a long time just picturing in my head how the house would be decorated and I moved in the kitchen as if I was cooking and it fit me….. I remember walking back in the office at the lot and the receptionist asked “did you find one you like” and with a big smile on my face I said “Yes” and I pointed at the floor model and her response was “Really? that one” with a dumb founded look on her face and I asked “Yes, why” she replied “That is the smallest one on the lot and the least priced one” I said “Even better”…lol.. I will never forget that conversation cus I knew this was my dream home and sometimes the best things come in small packages.

    In your opinion, what is the benefits of a manufactured home?

    There is so many benefits to a manufactured home: 1. you can design it however you want 2. They are more affordable. 3. There are so many floor plans to choose from.

    As you can clearly see, this home is a perfect example of manufactured home decorating at it’s finest. The country style is well loved for it’s comfort and ability to take you back in time even while sitting in front of a flat screen TV.В  Thank you Rachael for sharing your home with us. It’s gorgeous!

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