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Glass mosaic vs marble tiles kitchen backsplash comparison chart.

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Which kitchen backsplash is better?

  • VS Glass mosaic tile backsplash
  • Rating1 Marble tile backsplash
  • Look and appearance
  • Glass tiles are manufactured in variety of colors and shapes.

    5 5 Marble is a natural stone with its unique look and stylish color pattern.


    Multicolored glass mosaic or clear glass tiles is a great choice for tiling kitchen backsplash.

    5 5 Polished marble tiles are good for any interior or exterior renovation projects.

    Stain resistance

    Glass is non-porous material and insusceptible to stain.

    5 4 Marble is porous material, but with periodical sealer applications stone tiles have good stain resistance properties.

    stainless steel tile backsplash


  • Durability Glass is durable material.
  • 5 5 Marble tiles are extremely durable.
  • Scratch resistance
  • Excellent resistance to scratches.
  • 5 3 Surface of marble tiles could be scratched with sharp objects.

    Longevity Glass is very long lasting material with 100 + years life expectancy. But longevity of glass mosaic backsplash greatly depends on installation quality and adequate post installation care.

    turquoise tile backsplash


    5 5 Proper installed and adequately maintained marble tile backsplash will last for decades.

  • Maintenance
  • Low maintenance type of kitchen backsplash.
  • 1 2 Marble tile kitchen backsplash requires minimum care after installation. Regular cleaning and periodical sealer application will ensure long lasting performance of natural stone tiles.

    backsplash tile


    Price Greatly vary. Some glass mosaic tiles are relatively cheap while others could be twice more expensive compare to natural stone tiles.

    5 4 In general marble tiles are not cheap, but natural stone tile could be cheaper in comparison with stylish glass tile.

    Installation cost (labor)

    Depends on work complexity. Often cost of glass mosaic tile backsplash installation is higher compare to installing marble tile kitchen backsplash.

    5 5 Installation cost greatly depends on backsplash design. Creating unique backsplash style with different in size marble tiles could be an extremely costly project.

    Installation time

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