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Dark stained wood floors – good and bad about them medium

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Different surface issues, when you can notice the natural colour of theВ timberThe best way to deal with scratches is to have exotic hardwood species installed, which as we already mentioned, are naturally dark. This means that even if a deep scratch reveals the bare wood it will be nearly the same colour as the stain and therefore hardly visible.

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Additionally dust, dirt, pet hair and foot traffic are also easy to spot on a dark surface. This makes the cleaning and maintenance of such a floor a real chore. This particular colour may not be for everyone since it requires more attention which not everyone is willing or capable of giving. Cleaning no matter the kind of stain or floor type you have depends mostly on the amount of traffic. Expect to vacuum and mop with damp fabric at least once a week. Preferably more.

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AdvantagesAfter everything listed here, you’d think I dislike dark stained floors or have something against this style. Nothing like that. Besides fashion trends, there are more practical benefits. The most important one is probably that most spills and pet stains aren’t very visible on a dark surface. Pet accidents, in particular, can turn a light wood into dark after some time. Sometimes, even sanding is unable to completely remedy the problem. One clever move, though, is to simply stain the floor very dark so that the ‘accident’ is no longer as strikingly visible.

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The Choice Of FinishВ MattersThe problem with dark stained wood, in general, is that every little imperfection is easy to spot. However, there are ways to lessen this effect. Different finishes reflect a certain amount of light. The more they reflect, the more visible any surface flaws can become. Glossy finishes are the most sensitive to light and therefore bad if you want to cover your floor’s issues. We suggest to get satin, or even better - a matt finish because the shine will be significantly lessened. A small problem could be created then as the matte could also make your floor look a little dull, but in the end it’s all about personal preference.

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