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Concrete staining and polishing

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  • Concrete Concepts in Kansas City: Staining and Polishing

    Concrete Concepts in Kansas City can grind concrete floor surfaces, whether existing or new, to a glossy, smooth finish that features all the durability and performance of concrete but with a stunning visual appeal. Inside or outside, polished concrete adds an element of beauty – even in high-traffic areas – for retail stores, warehouses, and office buildings. Homeowners are also opting for the long-lasting appeal of polished concrete – which can be easily stained to affect the appearance of polished stone.

    concrete staining


    Concrete Polishing: Polished concrete has become the no-wax, high-luster flooring material that businesses and homeowners are turning to as an alternative to marble, granite, tile, or linoleum.

    exterior concrete stain


    Polishing and sealing actually strengthens the surface of the concrete as it transforms ordinary concrete into a unique surface – making polished concrete one of the most cost-effective flooring materials available today. And, due to the fact that polished concrete offers a multitude of options, the homeowner or business can choose the level of polished sheen in their flooring – from satin to high-gloss. The versatility in the polishing and finishing process makes polished concrete a perfect flooring material for any application.

    concrete etching stain


    Concrete Staining: For the decorator who wants to use a concrete floor as a beautiful yet durable design element, chemical stains and concrete dyes are a perfect opportunity to bring glorious color into any setting.

    Chemically-stained concrete has received much fanfare for its ability to create spectacular color transformations. In the same respect, concrete dyes can also create vibrant tones. Concrete stains and dyes bond with the concrete to create a decorative surface that is highly-resistant to abrasion. And the result will not fade or peel over time. For a beautiful appearance that will last for years, concrete stain is an ideal finishing treatment for floors in both homes and businesses. Ask Concrete Concepts about stains and dyes for your driveway, patio, walkway, or garage floors.

    If you want to bring the beauty of stained and polished decorative concrete into your architectural or landscaping design, give Concrete Concepts in Kansas City a call at (913) 440-0031 and we’ll give you a free estimate on your project!

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