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Artist grade concrete stain – acid stain in 23 unique colors

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Concrete Acid Stain Beautifies Concrete. It is not a concrete paint.

Achieved through a natural chemical reaction within the concrete’s surface, Acid Stain changes the surface to the new color. This new color will be unique to your particular slab and will be permanent and will not peel, chip or fade. Acid Stain is to concrete much as wood stain is to wood. Reacting with the minerals allready present in the concrete and that were randomnly dispersed when it was poured and finished, highs, lows, darks, lights, mottling and marbling is a natural effect of the process. It is not a topical coating like a concrete paint or acrylic,waterbase, and semi-transparent stains that will peel eventually. It is also in all actuality, easier to use and saferthan the alternatives, such as bio friendly, soy and dyes.

stained concrete patio


Resembling Marble, Leather, or Stone. Concrete Acid Stain is simply one of the Most Cost Effective Surface Solutions today for Concrete Floors, Countertops and Exterior Concrete such as Driveways, Patios, Pool Decks, Walks, Walls, Cinder Block, Statuary and more. Whether used with or without the companion products, such as the premium sealer and high traffic mop on floor wax, it is not only a simple to use green product, but is also one of the lowest maintenance surfaces available.

stain for concrete


Less Expensive than Traditional Flooring and Decorative Surfaces, with DIY Project Kits selling for about 50 cents or less per Square Foot – Delivered.

decorative concrete stain


~ EXTERIOR / Compliment Your Surroundings and add curb appeal along with increased property value at a substantial savings compared to other decorative surfaces. If you decide to seal the concrete for added beauty and protection, You’ll want to check out Clear Shield Premium – Decorative Concrete Sealer designed especially for Enhancing the colors while delivering a natural looking Satin finish.

concrete stain


~ INTERIOR / Stained Concrete Floors are Unique, beautiful, much less expensive than traditional flooring, and very allergy friendly. All with a high end look simply by enhancing the colors, beauty, depth and luster by sealing and waxing your floors. With Clear Shield Premium – Decorative Concrete Sealer and Top Shield High Traffic Mop On style Floor Wax, You will enjoy easy application, and added traction, with high scuff resistance that lasts and lasts and lasts… Top Shield is now available in both Gloss and Matte finishes.

Do it Yourself and Achieve Beautiful Results with Artist grade Concrete Acid Stain by Concrete Camouflage. Saving You Time, Money, and Hassle. Since 1995

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