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Urban rustic design style: how to get it right

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One of the hottest design trends today comes by a variety of names, but whether you call it Urban Rustic, Industrial Chic, or Vintage Modern, what it amounts to is a style that embraces both the old and the new, the hard and the soft. Equally at home in a high rise townhouse, a modern loft, or an historic home, Urban Rustic is edgy, trendy, and yet grounded in the past. If you love West Elm or Crate and Barrel (and who doesn’t) than you have a taste for this interior style. Here are the basics on Urban Rustic.

urban apartment decor


Urban Rustic blends the old and the new, the hard with the soft. Always add contrast to every design element.

urban decor ideas


Create focal points with re-purposed architectural items.

Whenever in doubt of your urban element, think modern loft. Textures, natural surfaces, wood, metals.

urban house decor


If you feel you have gone too modern, warm it up with a vintage piece used as sculpture against a minimal background.

urban wall decor


Keep color to a minimum, and make sure texture is the star of the room. Remember, contrast is key. Ex: Smooth modern metal against a rustic wood table or exposed aged brick with a luxurious fabric.

Get the West Elm catalog, or better yet, visit a showroom!

Check out these inspirational photos to get you started.

Oh, and love a loft style brick wall? Here’s a DIY brick wall tutorial for you!

Image Credits: Stockholm- Vitt, Crate and Barrel, Design Shuffle, pandashouse, District Mill Works

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