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I had come hearing about good Pho in Lima. Wasn’t here long and at the tail end of a long South America trip with my wife so was craving some Asian food and thought I might do some exploring.

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First impressions:

It’s in the middle of San Borja – an area near many other somewhat traditional (and rundown) Chinese restaurants – so unexpectedly when I entered into a very urban vibe with west coast rap playing in the background, cool pho bar set up, and some seriously funky decor, I was a bit surprised. So far so good…

urban style home decor


Sat down, looked at the menu, some serious value – would have expected to pay 20-30% more given the ambience.

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  • Anyways… Onto the food.
  • Beverages: Had your usual Vietnamese choice – condensed milk coffee, local beers, tsing Tao import from China. What caught my eye was a local brewery (Magdalena’s) so I ordered it and it came in a well frosted glass. Paired well.

    urban decor


    Appies: They had a few appetizer varieties and given I was quite hungry I got the Pho Tacos and 2 of the wings to share.

    urban home decor ideas


    Tacos were very interesting – crispy with a viet-twist to the toppings. Very beefy and stocky taste with bean sprouts bedding that added extra crunch. Could have had a bit more sriracha mayo or dipping on the side but a very solid start. Also a bit of an art to work the bean sprouts onto the taco but once you got the hang of it, very delicious.

    The garlic wings were on point, crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Nothing fancy but hits the wing craving. The garlic taste isn’t overbearing, and the sprinkles of fried garlic garnishing the dish added extra crunch.

    The sriracha wings were unique. It combos sweet, sour, and spicy into a sauce that is lavishly applied onto well grilled wings. As you sink your teeth in, the wing retains its crunchiness. The spice doesn’t really kick you in the face, but as you work into it, it creeps on you until by about the third wing you’re grabbing for more beer. Reminds you of a buffalo wing but with a serious southeast Asian twist. This dish itself is something worth coming back for.

    Mains: Pho – authentic. Solid broth and noodle. If you are from North America where Pho places dot the west coast, this’ll bring you back there.

    Lemon grass chicken on vermicilli – the grilled chicken was seriously on point. Tender, well marinated and delicious. Vermicilli was good, as you would expect.

    Overall – very authentic pho / viet experience, recommend to anyone with a pho craving. Quite the gem!

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