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UrbanAge Homes take an approach that is radical and unique when creating these modern dwellings. In a process that is typically segregated, UrbanAge stands among the few who work concurrently in the planning, architecture, design and construction sectors to ensure our shanty’s are leading edge and pushing the revolution.

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Our process begins with a meet & greet. We are unique and will always strive for continuous evolution with our homes and our internal processes. We may not be for everyone. We don’t do vanilla. We crush cookie cutters. If you are looking for something ordinary and mundane, we are not the best solution. However we believe that meeting with our prospective homeowners provides a great opportunity for both parties to determine if the fit is right; to ensure the journey is full of positive vibes and energy. We want a win-win process and love meeting people as passionate for their homes as we are.

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Once it is go-time, we split our contract agreements into two separate agreements to help our clients feel comfortable with the process as opposed to feeling like they are signing their life away without plans and/or budgets.

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The Pre-Construction process occurs first. This is comprised of all the permit package and banking requirements needed for the recent advanced working. Plans, General Specs, Budget, Permit Package requiremetns such as Blockface, Internal Lot Grading and Plot Plans are generated.

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Now that all the planning is proceeding, clients now have all the required information to make a formal commitment to build their recent advanced working! The Construction Agreement kicks off the construction process whereby application for permits are submitted with the City and the interior selections process begins. It is an exciting time in the journey and we are stoked to take this journey with so many infill passionistas.

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