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White floors

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My mom did it in her loft-ish home office space. Granted she is a pretty meticulous cleaner, but I never felt it looked excessively dirty (and she had 2 cats, a golden retriever, and my dad). To top it all off, she used flat paint because it was what she had. She did say that the best part about the white floors was that they were easily cleaned with a magic eraser. There wasn’t a spot she couldn’t remove.

flooring for white kitchen


In addition, I have a pale yellow painted kitchen floor in a house with two kids and three cats, and I love it. We painted it five years ago (right over the likely asbestos backed laminate) and although it shows a few signs of wear, those two coats of semi-gloss latex paint have held up fantastically for the time and money invested. It does show dirt more plainly but I kind of like it because then spot cleaning is easier. Honestly, I’m no compulsive cleaner (regular spot clean-ups, sweep every 2-3 days, and all-over mop maybe weekly), but it doesn’t seem to take significantly more care than my hardwoods.

kitchens with white floors


I know when I painted my floor, it was a temporary measure (until we could afford new flooring), but since we’ve had two kids it seems to be a more permanent measure. I guess in the back of my mind, I know that with paint, I can *always* slap another coat on or dab a little touch-up down and it will look fresh again. All flooring wears (my original ’40’s hardwoods are proof of that), and in the end, your decision should be based on whether you’re alright with life and time being on display or if you would rather have the ‘just installed’ look. My design sentiment definitely leans toward the weathered and worn and the painted floor is ideal for me.

white flooring options


white floors in kitchen


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