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Custom built home bar ideas in ohio

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Countertop Materials

Ohio Basement customers have many options when it comes to bar countertops. Material used can affect top elbow rest molding, but customers have the same counter options for bars as they would for their kitchen countertops including: wood, laminates, solid surface, natural stone, and exotics. Our standard top is either wood (to match the bar), or a laminate, or if the unit is 2 levels, both. Consider the following:

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Wood bar tops:

Warm finish, matches the rest of the bar, and is very traditional. The only issue is performance. While our wood tops have a minimum of 3 coats of finish plus wax, homeowners can expect some maintenance over the years. If the bar gets heavy use, we can consider a top coat epoxy to seal and protect the wood.

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Laminates: The variety and quality of plastic laminate sheets have come a long way in recent years. The performance, resolution, and special finishes of laminates are very hard to beat. Our customers will receive a sample ring with nearly every color and style combination, including realistic wood finishes. We make any size laminate configuration custom for your bar design

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Natural Stones:

Granite, quartz, and other natural stones are options for your bar top, however, there are some draw backs. Natural stone makes it nearly impossible to attach the traditional elbow arm rest to the front edge of the bar, it is cold to the touch, and can be quite expensive. Also, if a glass tips over on natural stone, it typically breaks, while wood and laminate tops might save that prize collector mug from the trash can.

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