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Game room ideas

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Talented artist Debbie Ohi is the force behind the Inkygirl cartoon caption contest here on BGG. Along with the creative captions submitted from other users, the results often make a gamer geek like me smile. Given the enjoyment I receive from these collaborations, I wanted to bring this into my game room.

boys room decor


To do so, I went to work in my graphics program to put together a frame-able 11×14 picture of Inkygirl cartoons. I placed a colorful inkblot in the middle of the design and surrounded it with nine of my favorite Inkygirl cartoons.

fall room decor


Most of the cartoons I chose to include brought something personal to my game room. For instance, our game table has been an important part of my family’s life. You see, my father originally built the table top and put it on short legs to serve as a play table for my boys when they were toddlers. It was a wonderful Christmas present built from the hands and the heart.

decorative rooms


My boys and I spent many hours playing the wooden brio Thomas the Tank Engine set and then, as they got a little older, the Rokenbok System. After the boys outgrew these toys, tha table sat dormant for years until I had the idea to repurpose it as a game table. That gave me an opportunity to spend quality time with my dad in his workshop transforming the table top into a wonderful game table (see The Euro Gamer’s Guide To Building A Game Table) we all get to continue enjoying. So, I had to include Inkygirl’s game table cartoon in the picture.

nursery room decor


In the spirit of the cartoon caption contest, I made a slight modification to four other frames included in the picture. For those, I wanted something indicative of each of my family members. Like most here on the geek, my biggest challenge is including my significant other in this great hobby. One of the ways I have done that is by including a game or two as birthday and Christmas presents for my wonderful wife Darlene. I try to find a game with a theme she will like or by a designer who she has enjoyed in previous games. This is perfectly represented in one of the frames in the picture.

My oldest son, Drew, was once branded an enigma by his second grade teacher. In high school, he went on to beat the odds by becoming a successful 5′ 7″ point guard on the basketball team. In college he put his mind to studying hard to maximize his GPA, and will be starting a doctrate program in physical therapy this May. I have always thought him to be an example of the idea that people can achieve whatever they set their mind to doing. There is a Debbie Ohi comic that was perfect for personalizing my thoughts of Drew.

Darin, my youngest, was always ultra-competitive as he was growing up. My guess is it had something to do with wanting to prove himself to his older brother. This was problematic at times until he matured enough to deal with losing or not achieving success. He has learned the right ways to channel his competitiveness, but remembering his behaviors as a young boy will always be with me. This quirk of his personality was also easily depicted in the design hanging on the wall.

As for me, I am just in awe of it all. And, as a gamer, I have never been good at bluffing. Needless to say, poker has never been my game.

So, there you have it. One of the pictures hanging in my game room. Maybe you could do the same with some Inkygirl cartoons that mean something special to you. Do you already have some personalized item hanging in your game room? If so, please add comments showing what you have done.

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