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Creative diy wall decor for bedroom space – kentucky home improvements

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Rethinking for new wall decor for bedroom ideas for your new or remodeling bedroom? Then you need to read the article more. When you are creative person then create the DIY project means that you will have unique and personalize custom wall art for your home. Here are some examples for creating DIY wall art project for your bedroom.

wall decor for bedroom


Colorful wall art

As you want to have retro look in your bedroom, you can use the colorful wall art for the first ideas deliver to you. The 3D color block wall art is giving you the new look for your color block. It does not prove that the color block is not means it is available for any shape, rounded, square or even the rectangle and circle. When you create focal point in your bedroom headboard wall, make a flower wall art from the circle paper work art. Make various circles in different size and make it as 3D look as rounded. After that in the top, add colorful striped colors rainbow in each circle. Put the biggest circle in the bottom, and then layered with the smaller circle. Arrange with asymmetry look to make it look scramble. The next art wall, if you are traveler, and have post card from town you visited, arrange it in your plated box and set in your wall.

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The wallpaper wall art

Do you know that you can make your custom wallpaper by yourself? Make clipboard wall art with stencils letters that fun to twist on using typographic art. It will be great for your guest to arrange the letter and spell out the messages you done. If you want to create your own wallpaper pattern then try this washi tape dot wall art. This is simple wallpaper that gives you the polka dot wall decals. All of the wallpaper is done by using few rolls from washi tape. Add a lot of colors to your room quickly with rosette backdrop. Use the bright paper rosettes and set as photo booth backdrop as art installation. Also Read:

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  • Another you can do wallpaper project is by create lines wall art contemporary. It is easy and you can add colorful bold sensation wall art into your home use canvas tape. You can create endless pattern and color schemes with this. The other way, you can make quotes ombre wall art. To create this wall decor for bedroom, use wet paintbrush for blending the transition colors schemes.

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