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Cheap and easy tumblr room decor ideas

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Step 1: Fold the adhesive paper diagonally in half and then diagonally in half again. Next, fold the paper back to halfway to the middle of the paper. Do the same on the other side, except the in the opposite direction.

cheap room decor


Step 2: Cut off the excess so that it forms a triangle. Next, draw a design on the paper, cut the design out with scissors, and unfold.

photos of bedrooms


Step 3: Remove the adhesive backing and apply to the throw pillow. In a well-ventilated area, spray the pillow with spray paint to your liking. Once dry, remove the adhesive paper to reveal the design.

toilet decoration accessories


Quotes and Pictures

Step 1: First, find pictures you like in a magazine and tear the pages out. Next, using a word processing program, write out the saying you want to put on your wall. Change the font size of the letters so that you have one letter per page. Using the light of the computer monitor, trace the letters onto the magazine pages.

room decoration tips


Step 2: Cut the letters out and apply double-sided tape to the back of the letters. Stick the letters to the wall, spelling out the saying.

Step 3: Find pictures you like online and print them out. Then, cut them out using scissors. You can also use any photographs you might have.

Step 4: Attach adhesive tape to the back of the pictures and stick them on the wall. Arrange them as desired.

Fairy Lights and Dreamcatchers

You can also string some fairy lights around shelving in your room to give your room a little sparkle. Another decoration idea is to use dreamcatchers to help liven up your space.

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