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Buy bathroom accessories online in pakistan

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After bathroom fixtures and fittings have been fixed, buying bathroom accessories is the next big step. From Kaymu.pk, you can now buy all types of bathroom accessories in Pakistan according to your requirements. You can buy match towel holders, grab bars, lights, bar soap dishes, toothbrush holders, liquid soap dispensers, LED showers, toilet brush holders, shower set, towel racks, colorful & funky towels, bathroom shelves & other bathroom accessories in Pakistan at best available prices. Place these adjustable laundry sorters, from Kaymu.pk and easily fit them under the sink, behind the door or in the corner.

outdoor themed bathroom decor


Range of Sanitary Fittings & Washroom Accessories Available Online

Kaymu.pk has stylish functional and high quality sanitary fittings in Pakistan available in classic, modern and avant-garde finish so that they may match your bathroom’s overall look. Choose individual pieces in chrome, stainless steel, plastic accessories, complete themed sets or other washroom accessories in Pakistan and get the delivered to your doorsteps with Free & Fast Shipping all over Pakistan.

themed bathroom sets


Kaymu.pk is the only place where you will be able to buy individual pieces of bathroom accessories in Pakistan and match it with your existing pieces. We guarantee to offer you the lowest sanitary fitting prices in Pakistan so that you will not be disappointed. We have all the famous brands available with us as well like we have the largest range of Master bathroom accessories right here.

cute bathroom themes


Important Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Washroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories are also known as the jewelry of a bathroom. They can transform a common bathroom into a visually inspiring and appealing place that offers comfort along with full functionality. Due to the availability of enormous range of bathroom accessories in the market, it has become quite tough for people to choose the accessories that would best suit them. Here are a few things that would help you making the best choice:

themed bathroom decor


Figure Out What You Need

Before you finally decide purchasing bathroom accessories in Pakistan for your bathroom, you need making sure that you have a hard look at your bathroom and make a list of accessories that you can’t do without. According to the experts, the seven basic accessories for bathroom include shower set, shelf, toilet paper holder, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, robe hooks and soap dispensers. The Sonex bathroom accessories in Pakistan are quite popular and you can find a full range of the above mentioned accessories by Sonex at Kaymu.

bathroom theme sets


A Sense of Style

In order to make sure that your bathroom looks second to none, you need choosing accessories that add to its looks and overall theme. In order to bring coherence in your bathroom design, make a contrast of colors or match the colors of accessories in your bathroom. For instance, making a combination of silver and golden accessories in your bathroom will take away the aesthetic appeal and elegance of your bathroom. Pakistani bathroom tiles and all kinds of Sonex bathroom accessories come in matching as well as contrasting colors to suit your needs.

themes for bathrooms


The Functionality and Practicability

Your bathroom is a place in your home where you go for getting yourself relaxed from all the tiredness after a hectic working day and if it is not fully functional and convenient in use, all your investment would go in vain. Therefore you should make sure that the accessories you choose are not only practicable but are also convenient in use. Cleaning factor should also be kept in mind. Your bathroom accessories should be easy to clean and should be fixed at place which is most convenient.

Types of Bathroom fixtures and Accessories that you would need

When you take into account a bathroom, there are many types of fixtures and accessories that you need to buy. Each one has its own place and no other can perform its function.

Sink faucets are very important because they control your wash basin. They can come in single or double types depending on what you would prefer. There are center set faucets along with wide set faucets that differ by the amount of some inches. Most of them are drilled on to the counter top for easier access.

Toilets are the most vital thing present in any bathroom or powder room. Many innovations are present that let them be clog-free, self-cleaning and many even save water as compared to the regular amount that the normal one uses. There are various shapes and sizes that you can choose from. These depend on the style and size of your bathroom. If you want to find the lowest commode price in Pakistan, then you are the right place because we have them right here. The toilet seat is also an integral part. If you do not buy the right one, it can crack over time and replacing it would be the only option. So get the best here at Kaymu along with the best toilet seat price in Pakistan.

Bath tubs are also one of the most sought after fixtures in the washroom. Not only do they provide you with the comfort that you need, they also make your bathroom look royal and very beautiful. There are different types available such as stand-alone ones which have their own settings on which the tub can stand. There are others which are placed onto the floor by drilling them. It all depends on what you would prefer. For you to find the best bath tub price in Pakistan, you do not have to go anywhere else, because we have it right here.

Get Best Available Bathroom Accessories Prices in Pakistan

Kaymu offers the largest range of bathroom accessories online provided by the leading retailers of toilet accessories in Pakistan. You can browse through our range of washroom accessories using your desktop or handheld android/blackberry device using Kaymu app. Our list of bathroom accessories prices in Pakistan is competitive and second to none. So get ready to find out the lowest sanitary fittings prices in Pakistan and buy for your bathroom now!

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