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57+ ideas to decorate walls with pictures – shelterness

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Hanging pictures shouldn’t be a hard task. Although many of us are struggling with choosing a right grouping to organize a perfect picture wall. In order to help you, we’ve gathered not only cool ideas and examples but also practical picture wall layouts you could follow. We’re also going to show you how to fill picture walls not only with family photos, but also with paintings, landscape photos, and pictures from different books. Any room would benefit from such decor so don’t be afraid to try it out because you know, the secret of a well-designed interior lies in the details. Living rooms, hallways, bedrooms, home offices, dining rooms and all other areas of your house would look better with several pictures on its walls.

picture decoration


How To Hang A Gallery WallThe process of hanging a gallery wall could be separated into several steps:

pictures home decor


First of all, you need to find some inspiration. Below you’ll find lots of it.

Next, you need to lay out the pieces of your picture wall on the floor. We recommend you to start with a large centerpiece and build out your composition from there.

pictures of home decor


Mocking your composition up on the wall would be a logical step to check how well it looks there.

If you haven’t done that yet, frame your art.

The last and the easist step is to nail your frames to the wall. Your mock-ups would be really helpful here.

pictures of decorations


Picture Wall IdeasWe’ve gathered lots of creative tactics and unique ideas to create your own mini-gallery at home. You’ll find as Large as small picture groupings for different rooms. They’re incredibly gorgeous but while hanging them there is so much potential to make it wrong. We hope, these ideas would help you to make it right.

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