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25+ contemporary home bar design ideas

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Modern lifestyle is such that we all wish for more number of hours to do what we wish to besides job/business and our daily core tasks. One is left with very less time for family and friends. But then, there are many people amidst the tight schedule, ensures to spend atleast weekends with family and friends.В Whilst some people like to go to some place with family and friends to get refreshed, there are many who love spending time at home, inviting friends for a get together or enjoy a drink together. В It is as relaxing as it sounds to be. Hitting a pub/club/bar seems to be the trend gone by, people are now opting for a corner in their home where they can sit, relax and enjoy a good conversation with their close ones over a glass of drink.

basement bar tops


People while getting the interior designing of their home done are making sure to keep a corner in the home that they would want to use as a bar. Home bars are fast becoming trend of the day for the fact that people love showing off their wine collection in style, also they have that little corner in their home where they can sit back, relax and enjoy their favourite drink. В You can any day invite your buddies over for a drink at any timeВ and be a host.

home bar area


If you are the one who wishes for the nice spot to enjoy a glass of wine or a shot of whiskey right in the comfort of your home then here’s something that you all will fond worth checking.

cool home bars


A nice looking contemporary mini bar can bring with it the fun atmosphere. Check out below some of the really nice contemporary home bar design ideas that will help you get one for your modern home.В Whilst you browse the pictures of these beautiful home bar designs, I am sure you are going to make up your mind and call the company to get you a visually stunning and a relaxing home bar.

cool bar top ideas


  • 1. Basement Bar
  • 2. Ibiza 3. Minimalist Home Bar
  • 4. The Lake House
  • 5. Upcycled Vintage Door Beverage Bar Station
  • 6. Weser Living
  • 7. Blansfield Builders
  • 8. Development Home Bar
  • 9. Carcary Residence
  • 10. 1820’s Row House
  • 11. Miami Home Bar
  • 12. Wood Themed Bar
  • 13. Basement Bar
  • 14. Rustic Meets Modern
  • 15. Cowboy Style Bar
  • 16. Outdoor Bar
  • 17. Country Club Residence
  • 18. Clay Street
  • 19. Kitchen Bar
  • 20. Hasse Lower Level
  • 21. James M Residence
  • 22. Modern Classic Bar
  • 23. Eclectic Wine Celler
  • 24. Corona Del Mar
  • 25. Hill House
  • 26. Classic Contemporary Home Bar
  • 27. California Beach Cottage
  • 28. Portland Home Bar
  • 29. Great Room Bar

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