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Cookbook highlight: better homes and gardens 1965 – mommy hates cooking

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I have recently got on this vintage cookbook kick, I simply can’t get enough of them!В  I have always thought life seemed so much more simple in the past and that’s how I feel about vintage cookbooks too.В  The recipes use products you would have on hand, not products that you rarely hear of.В  My grandma recently gave me several of her old cookbooks including this one from Better Homes and Gardens the 1965 Edition.В  I also love the old pictures mostly all in black and white and that even as the years pass the foundation of recipes always stay the same.

better homes and gardens houses


When I opened up the page at the top she has a note in it that says…

“To Bonnie from your Unit, ‘The Poly Dolls.'” – Jun 17th, 1966

This was given to my grandma when she had to quit selling Tupperware because she was moving to Michigan from Oklahoma back in the 60’s.В  She was an amazing Tupperware sales woman.В  She even got a car because she sold so much.В  I am fairly certain she still has a lot of that Tupperware too.

bh gardens


I guess I just find this funny because shortly after they moved to Michigan, my dad was hired on at Ford along with my grandpa.В  Then, he met my mom and some 40 plus years later my parents and the rest of the family are now in Oklahoma thanks to a job transfer back in the 70’s.В  My dad just recently left Ford within the last few months due to the plant shutting down here in Oklahoma after 42 years of service.В  It is just incredible how much things have changed, staying in the same job that long is virtually unheard of nowadays.

garden real


It’s funny how little notes like this can bring a life time of stories and memories.

What’s your favorite vintage cookbook?

better homes and gardens storage


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