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Wet bars – are they out?

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Actually wine long outsold spirits–I’m not sure where the notion comes from that wine is suddenly outpacing spirits but that’s made up. You are correct that both wine and spirits are increasing in popularity. Boxed wines are growing by double digits a year. Remember that wine is much cheaper than spirits in general, because spirits are very heavily taxed.

wet bar ideas for basement


I think it’s wise to consider a “beverage center” to be multi-purpose over time. It can be a way to get the kids out of your way in the kitchen, or a good place to serve wine, or a convenient place to mix a drink. It’s certainly possible to make one space do all of those tasks, depending on who lives there. But it has to work. You need room for storage, room for mixing or setting out glasses, refrigeration and ideally a DW.

wet bar in basement


In that vein, I can’t help but be struck by the fact that some of the bars shown upthread share the same fault as a lot of bad kitchen islands–all the seating is on one side, with no easy way to converse. In a home, you’re not sitting there next to strangers sort of feeling out whether it’s OK to strike up a conversation. And you’re not facing a professional bartender who is standing there all the time ready to make your manhattan or listen to you complain about the game. You’re just looking at a wall. When people put a real bar in a home, they should configure it so it actually works for their own space, not blindly copy a commercial space with very different requirements.

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