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Basement renovation tips

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More evolved than rec rooms of years past, today’s basements are being transformed into any imaginable setting: home office, gym, bedroom, family room, laundry room, kitchen – the possibilities are endless.

renovated basements


As with any renovation, planning is crucial. Before starting a basement reno, be sure you have a strong, well-thought-out plan in hand before beginning the transformation. Since most homes’ mechanical systems, plumbing pipes and electrical wiring are found in the basement, consider hiring professionals to help you ready the space for its makeover.

best finished basements


Ceiling Once you’ve ensured that your plan addresses adequate storage, lighting, electrical and data needs, discuss what type of ceiling to install with your builder. If your basement has a ceiling height of less than eight feet, finishing off the ceiling with painted Gyprock or sheetrock is a good option, but requires the installation of access panels to pipes, wires and plumbing for any repairs that may be required.

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