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Basement decor ideas: basement home bar pictures

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Basement decor ideas that will inspire you today are basement home bar. This is not so hard decorating basement as home bar because what you need here is easy to find too. Anyhow, today we will concern with the tips how to decorate basement as home bar. Besides is more functional, this space can be so comfortable with additional furniture or some useful units. Not to exaggerate, you and your family will be comfortable enjoying your leisure time here. Let’s see how to make it best!

photos of finished basements


Home Bar Basement

When talking of basement decor ideas, basement home bar becomes a favorite of mine. Besides is functional to relax our mind, we can spend our weekend here with our beloved family or friends. The very first units to insert here is the cabinets to save wine and water. Besides, we also need to complete it with refrigerator. For small basement, we can use compact cabinets styled as wall mounted design. Those, it can save more space of the basement. Then, we can fill the floor space with a pair of comfy chairs and small table.

basement ideas photos


On the other hand, if the space of basement decorating you have is larger, then you are able to function for larger island to place on the floor. The unique island is styled in triangular shape. Or, you can bespeak the island to place in your basement so it fits to the space. For making the basement well organized, you should choose the cabinet or island which is completed with more saving space so you can insert not only the glass and drink, but more than that.

finished basement photos


To complete the basement decor ideas, you are able to equip your basement with stools. Then, you could arrange it orderly. After that, illuminate the basement bar with stunning pendant lights so it becomes more stunning. The pendant lights that you can find are designed in many styles. For instance, many people tend to use classic pendant light to make the basement stunning and rather romantic. For the best nuance, you can install several pendant lights over the island.

basement photos


If you wish, you can perfect the basement decorating with LED TV. Hang it on the wall and you can spend your leisure time enjoying the best movie with your family. What makes this space interesting is how you arrange the units and make it stunning, interesting and comfortable. Let’s see the basement decorating pictures here.

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