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Artisans of the valley – hand crafted residential bar units

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Elaborate bars have been commonplace in the homes of the elite for centuries, a traditional method to display wealth in the nature of libraries, ballrooms, and great foyers. A bar is not defined simply by the service of alcohol; they are a social center within a home. Whether stand behind, service bars, or fully configured with elaborate canopies, Artisans offers a wide array of period bar units, custom built to fit within a home’s dcor. Available in high-grade plywood, or solid wood, bar units are a welcome addition to any home.

custom bar ideas


The feature bar of our site is a work in progress in Eric’s home. We use our homes as our showrooms and are always tinkering with projects. Stanley and Cindy’s home features our period furniture, while Eric’s lends more towards the custom built-in style. This section is designed to feature Eric’s ongoing project, and will be updated as often as possible.

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(Check out the Feature of our bar on www.carvingpatterns.com)

Eric’s nine-foot long walnut bar unit will consist of two main sections. The rear section is a floor to ceiling breakfront service unit including storage cabinets, drawers, and shelving. The forward bar section, still in the shop, will consist of a six flat panels four to the front, wrapped and deep set in a 6/4 walnut frame. Sections of the frame are detailed with a simple oak leaf and acorn design while every panel is hand carved with a unique perspective design. The panel’s design includes perpendicular grain 4/4 solid walnut laminations assuring stability while allowing over 3/8″ relief carving. Hidden attention to details such as this, ensure our work will last generations.

residential bars


NOTE: Professional pictures are coming soon, we’ve had so many requests to see the progress that we posted these snapshots in the interim! We’ll have Tom (our photographer) take the final shots when the project is finished.

finished walkout basement


The bar sits in a remodeled addition to Eric’s home, including solid oak wainscoting, oak trim, and crown moldings. The final floor plan includes custom ornately carved poker table, and oversized fish tank with an oak stand of Eric’s design. The goal, along side the obvious desire for a bar, was to extend Eric’s skill set beyond just mortis and tenon and panel construction into the realm of perspective scene carving and medium depth relief.

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