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You asked, the remodeling pro answers: how to get the most out of a semi-finished basement?

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What’s left in the middle of the room is a generously sized entertainment area, about 22 feet long. Set off the exercise equipment behind a half wall on the playroom end of the space, and rearrange the seating so it faces the television on the bedroom wall. Then you can watch TV while you work out.

finishing the basement


5. Be Smart With Your Money

Fifteen thousand is not a very generous budget for all this, particularly if you need to hire a contractor. And you should, because the city will require you to get permits for the plumbing, at least.

semi finished basement


Plumbing is a big and unavoidable expense, as managing drainage that’s underground is particularly tricky. On the plus side, you already have two existing ejector pumps, which push the waste water against gravity and up to the drain. But you’ll need a plumber to check if they’re strong enough for a full bath and to install the special kind of toilet and shower assembly that work with a pump.

pics of finished basements


Bathroom fixtures and tile can eat into your budget, so you’ll probably limited to a plastic shower pan, IKEA vanity, and plain tiles. But if you’re handy, you can save money on labor by building walls, tiling, and laying flooring yourself. Click-together floors are easy to install over concrete, and they come in nice engineered wood, linoleum, and other great styles. Framing, drywalling, and tiling is a little more work, but maybe you have a handy friend or two who can help with those jobs. That way you can focus your spending on getting the systems working well and the layout up to code.

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