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Warrantied basement remodeling by certified contractors in novi, south lyon, rochester

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Our basement finishing products are designed to maximize the beauty of your basement and bring out its true potential. With proper lighting, quality products, and a lasting design, your basement is a blank canvas — you’ll be amazed by what we can do!

images of finished basements


  • Lighting Timeless Design
  • Options Drop ceilings provide a unique opportunity to blend many types of lighting options in a single basement.

    finished basement images


    They’re compatible with lighting of all types, including fluorescent lighting, task lighting, pendant lights, and suspended lighting.

    finished basement insulation


    Our walls are solid enough to easily support the weight of mounted light fixtures, while our basement windows and window wells are designed to maximize natural light in your finished space.

    Our basement walls are designed with an appealing beige and off-white blend– two colors that will never go out of style.

    The vinyl surface of the wall is very durable and easy to wash– even stains from marker, pen, and paint.

    The distinct pattern of our wall panels helps to hide small holes from nails and tacks after being patched with a bit of putty or even toothpaste!

    With eight different finished floor designs, we have a waterproof flooring for every style.

    If our wood, parquet, tiled, and carpeted designs are not what you had in mind, we can also provide waterproof basement sub flooring, so you can install a custom carpeting.

    Additionally, we have a wide variety of crown molding designs, ceiling tiles, and basement wall designs that we’d like to discuss with you. With TBF, there’s something for everyone!

    Drywall, organic materials, and fiberglass-based products are simply not up to the job in a finished basement. TBF basement walls, ceilings and floors are created with waterproof materials that are built to last– with our wall panels backed by a 50 year warranty! Call or e-mail us today to receive a free design quote!

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